Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Secret do'r Cheek Color Duo

Secret do'r Cheek Color Duo consist of two highlighter shades: a light shimmery champagne colour  and a very finely milled light beige. The colours are rather unusual and look very light on skin swatches, but once blended, they create a beautiful, luminous glow. The powder formula has a soft, easy to blend, creamy texture and as you can probably tell on the last photo, it is super pigmented. 

I was a bit worried that the Secret d'or Duo might be too cool toned for my skin tone as I could only see the colour via the Asos clip picture, but it looks lovely and natural. It would definitely look amazing on pale beauties! If I want more shimmer, I use the left side of the product and to achieve a more subtle effect, I go for the right side. For the perfect amount of glow, I use both shades together. 

Overall, I am in love with the packaging and the formula of the cheek colour. I can imagine the darker blusher and bronzer shades being super pigmented too and I will probably expand my Paul & Joe collection in the future. I ordered this Cheek Color Refill from asos.com with free delivery.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Benefit: 'Bronze of Champions kit' review

'Get your "goddess" on with this total bronze kit for eyes, lips and cheeks. Filled with sexy bestsellers, this TAN-talising box of beauty has all you need to get out there and glow for glory.'

 Much like my jewellery collection, my makeup collection is refined and not overly sizeable. I see no reason in buying cheap drugstore products in the knowledge that they will never be used. So instead, I stick to my favourite high-end items and do not venture into the disastrous rainbow realm of dodgy lipsticks and glittery blushes. 

However, recently, I have been searching for a new bronzer to add to my collection. In my search for a 'not-too orange' bronzer, I discovered this beautiful box on Asos. (I receive £100 worth of vouchers a month for some work that I am currently doing, meaning that I am able to experiment with new things, knowing that I have lost nothing if I don't get along with the products particularly brilliantly.) This is one of three kits brought out by Benefit last year, with travel sized miniatures to create a variation of different looks. These include the 'Primping with the stars' kit, the 'Do the bright thing' kit and the 'Bronze of Champions' kit. Other than the highly reputable 'Hoola' bronzer, I wanted to test out the 'Watts Up' highlighter and the 'Bikini-tini' cream eyeshadow that came in my set. In all, the set includes:

  • Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-tini (3.2g)
  • Longwear Powder Shadow in Thanks a Latte (1.2g)
  • Hoola Bronzer (3g)
  • Watt's Up! Highlighter (2.5g)
  • They're Real Mascara (3g)
  • Hoola Lipgloss (6.5ml)

  • The box arrived three days after purchase. I recommend buying it off Asos if you're interested in it, as Asos are always fantastic in delivering in good time and keeping your order in excellent condition. The makeup has been presented beautifully, with the bronzer and the powder eyeshadow loose and the rest in the American-Retro, ultra stylised packaging one would expect from the fun and flirty Benefit. Below is a black and white photograph of the kit which I posted on my Instagram (SOPHIAALEXANDRASTANCER) upon its arrival. 

    At £26.50 for everything, each item would technically cost £4.41 each, which - when considering the amount of product attainable from each tube or pot - is actually a great bargain! I have used this set three times now to create a glowing look paired with my Studio Fix fluid by MAC and my Chanel eyebrow pencil. Having carefully followed the instruction manual provided, it is also worth noting that the box has an integrated, sizeable mirror which is really helpful if you're on the go. 

    I'm really pleased with my 'Bronze of Champions' set and I recommend it to anyone looking inject a touch of Summer into their makeup routine.

    My Instagram photo

    The back of the box

    The box opened up

    Wednesday, 19 March 2014

    Spring Shades.

    I recently threw together a rather zany 'Spring Shades' for the style supermarket that is Shopcade, targeting a younger fashion audience than myself looking for some fairly whacky styles. I tend to opt for a more classic approach. Call me boring, but a monochrome dogtooth print or neon yellow frames aren't exactly my cup of tea, so to speak. 

    As we've been encountering some surprising Spring sunshine recently, I've been looking to replace my Rayban Wayfarers, softly embellished Vivienne Westwood tortoiseshell shades and the overbearing black Topshop accumulation with something slightly more fun this year. Here are my personal picks for Spring 2014. 

    *All of the below are currently in stock and available to buy from Miu Miu, Whistles and D&G at House of Fraser online.*

    Miu Miu



     Ralph Lauren




     Tom Ford

    Pointed Pumps.

     Iris Apfel once stated, “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” This lady had a very good point. And whilst we are on the subject of good points, I’ve fallen absolutely in love with the pointed toe trend that has been gracing street style sections of my favourite magazines for the past year now.

    I have been 'reblogging' quite literally hundreds of photographs featuring examples of beautiful pointed shoes on my Tumblr , which is when I store all of my visual style inspiration and fashionable snippets to draw upon during the dark times of my own, personal projects. Below are a couple of my favourite images which I discovered whilst trudging back along in time through my blog Archive. 

     Beautiful pointed courts taken from sophiastancer.tumblr.com

    It is to no surprise, therefore, that when I was gifted an Asos voucher from a company I have been working closely with as of late, I instantly began my search for my own starter collection of pointed shoes. Having previously owned - a now very worn - pink pair from my beloved Zara, I was looking for something slightly more classical and mature to fit my current style. I opted for the Asos 'Playback' shoe, which is currently available to purchase online, their 'Snapshot' shoe, with a beautiful block gold heel, sadly now sold out and a pair of their flat 'Moondance' shoes, which I am having a bit of a love/hate relationship with so far due to their fragility. I have worn them out of the house twice now and as you may be able to tell from my photographs below, they aren't proving to be particularly durable. I can't decide if i want to save them by only wearing them very occasionally or to wear them to death.

    Remember girls, 'When You Dress to Kill the First Thing You Kill Is Your Feet.'

    The 'Playback' shoe

    The 'Snapshot' shoe

    The 'Moondance' shoe

    Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Snakes in a studio on 'Sunderland Eve.'

    So tomorrow is the day that I mentioned a couple of posts back. I'm flying up to Sunderland for a visit day where I'll hopefully make up my mind as to whether I want to be in London, Cardiff or Sunderland. It's such a difficult decision and my head is quite literally exploding.

    It was nice to take some time away from the mad rush of everything else this morning and at nine O'Clock, I found myself in a photography studio with my best friend, a kind voluntary model, three snake owners/handlers and a camera. The inspiration behind incorporating the snakes - in relation the the theme 'Growth and Evolution' was the sub-theme of creation. I wanted to 'fashionise' the Biblical story where Eve eats the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the snake, just as fashion products tempt readers on the glossy pages of fashion magazines. 

    That then inspired me to create images that can lead on to something more refined, past just being a 'good photograph.' I am going to make a feature from a magazine as part of my project, assembling text with images. Some of them can be seen below, un-photoshopped and ready for playing around with. 

    A quick Instagram snap from my iPhone 

    Hannah Gulliver

    Hannah Gulliver

    Hannah Gulliver

    Lottie Maddison

    A digital montage, made up from a snakeskin scan and a digital image.